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Changing Menu Font

  1. santafeoptical

    I'm using the Inspiration Laboratory theme, and I'd like to change the menu font to match the title font. Is there a way to do that in CSS? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey. Yes, there is. :) Try the following CSS snippet in your custom CSS editor:

    .navigation-main, .widget_nav_menu {
    font-family: snicker-1,snicker-2,Chewy,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

    Give me a shout if it doesn't work/isn't exactly what you wanted.

  3. santafeoptical

    Hi! Thanks for the quick response. Yes, it works, and that is what I asked for. However, I think I've changed my mind. :)

    I really like the look of the default body font for the menu, but I'd like to choose another font for the body. Does that make sense? Is that possible? Thanks.

  4. santafeoptical

    PS-I like the default body font for the tagline too!

  5. Sorry, I don't think I completely understand what text you wish to change. Is it the text that makes up the main content of your blog posts that you wish to change?

  6. santafeoptical

    Yup. It's kinda confusing. I want to change the font in the body text. That's easy enough, but then the menu font also changes and I'd like the menu to remain in the original default (body) font. (This is different from the original question that I asked--originally I wanted the font in the menu to match the headings font.) In summary, I want to use 3 fonts: Snicker for the headings, the default (name?) body font for the menu, and Puritan for the text that is actually used in the body. I hope that makes sense. I really appreciate your help.

  7. hugskissesandsnot

    This is good information. Will this CSS code work to change the menu font in Comet theme? I would like my menu to match my post titles.

    The blog I need help w/ is

  8. @hugskissesandsnot
    The answer is yes but all CSS editing is theme specific editing. You will need to create you own thread.

  9. In your site's dashboard area, go to the Appearance->Custom Design->Fonts screen. Here you'll be able to select what fonts are used for you site's body and heading text.

    The font for the main navigation seems to be "Chewy," however there's a few conflicting bits of CSS so I could be wrong. Try:

    .navigation-main, .widget_nav_menu {
    font-family: Chewy, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    Apologies, I've just realised that Inspired Laboratory is a premium theme. Owners of premium themes have access to their own forums, where they can receive more dedicated help: Hope this helps. :)

  10. santafeoptical

    Thanks for your assistance. I will move this discussion to the other forum if I need more help.

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