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    my domain and email are being hosted somewhere else. When i created am email through this other place it showed “pending setup:MX record” i couldn’t log into my email account. The support for that company told me i needed to find a way through wordpress to update my MX records. I am not sure how to do this… Can anyone help????

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    We need the URL of the blog in question before anyone can think about giving you accurate advice.


    The URL is



    This is an active URL



    When we click that active URL we see a pirvate blog being hosted by

    my domain and email are being hosted somewhere else

    I believe you purchased domain mapping. Please see here for instructions >


    i have tried that all before and nothing worked. i got my domain at godaddy. i have asked them about this as well and they said to verify my mx records.

    Actual Settings:

    Correct Settings:

    Now i dont really know what im supposed to do with this…


    i have the actual settings in my DNS settings. and now the status is telling me pending setup:mx error. godaddy told me i would have to contact wordpress and get you to change the records for me..




    Support was correct, if your nameservers are pointing towards another 3rd party provider such as then they have control of your DNS. You will need to update the MX Records through them. Alternatively you can point the DNS back to Go Daddy and just point the A Record IP to your hosting provider. That will give us DNS control as well as still direct your domain to your host. However TimeThief has provided you with what seems as the correct article if you were to leave your DNS as it is configured now: Thanks for choosing Go Daddy.! ^Colby Social Media Team


    ok well i have done what the article says for customizing my DNS on wordpress, and this hasn’t worked. is that the only way that i can do it through wordpress?



    If you would like I can change the MX records (in for you – would you like me to take care of that?


    yes i would really like that! how do we go about this now?


    It’s done. :)

    It might take a bit for everything to start working correctly. Let us know if it still isn’t working after 8-10 hours.


    thanks so much!


    Hi coffeemanmatt, I’m having the exact same problem. A very helpful GoDaddy advisor just explained to me that I need to change my mx records in wordpress, but I don’t know how to do that. Can you help?



    There are steps (and helpful screenshots) at the link below on adding/editing your MX records:

    The basic steps are:
    – Go to Upgrades > Domains from your blog’s Dashboard
    – Click the ‘Edit DNS’ link next to your domain name
    – In the text form on the page that comes up, enter the MX records

    If you are getting your email through Godaddy, the records to enter are:

    MX 0
    MX 10

    (Notice there are periods at the end – please include those.)

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