Changing my blog address back to the blog address I had (which I still own)

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    I changed my blog name (several times) while keeping ownership of old blog names (wich are now empty). I was trying to revert my first change and I didn’t notice that every new name was being preserved, all of them as empty blogs.

    But what I really want is to have my original blog mapped to my own domain name. My original blog name was and now it is located at (note the missing final ‘i’).

    I understand that buying domain name mapping includes a redirect from my to my domain… and I understand that would have been the solution. But I messed things and now what I want is a mapping from my ORIGINAL wordpress blog ( to my domain name.

    Is there any way to change my blog name back to so that I can buy mapping from THAT blog name to my domain and have redirect included? When I tried, it complained about that blog name being taken, but is taken by my own blank blog. I read, but I’m afraid that exporting my blog content from one blog and importing it to another won’t preserve followers and email subscriptors.

    Is there any other solution to have all my content and followers now in mapped to my own domain name PLUS a redirect from (my old blog name) to that domain name?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



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    I’m afraid that there is no recycling of blog URLs.

    However, you can buy a custom domain (your blog URL is different from a custom domain name), so you could conceivably purchase on whatever blog you still have active, and then all your users will see in the URL bar is the custom domain name.

    You can do that by going to your blog dashboard > Store > Domains and typing in the custom domain you would like to purchase.

    You can not map a blog to another blog.

    Does that help? I’d be happy to walk you through any steps you may have trouble with!

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