Changing my Blog Name

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    I changed my blog name recently. I now have a paid site…..I keep seeing my old name pop up here and there. For instance, with the picture I posted on my site, the old name pops up.

    My blog address is

    How do I get everything synchronized?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is



    From your other comment:

    In the same line, I had a blog under a different name and have recently changed it.

    The new blog is, (I paid for the actual site through wordpress)

    I do see my “old name” occasionally—mostly in the Dashboard areas and sign on screens.

    How do I make sure everything has the right name attached to it. I only have one blog (and like it that way!) :) THANK YOU

    As you blog is hosted by and yopur media files are hosted on servers the image files reflect URLs. This cannot be changed. On the Admin side of the blog some of the URLs you see will be URLs and not the domain URLs which your visitors see – this is normal for a domain mapped blog.



    yopur = your



    What I mean is that my old blog was called “Italianish” and my new blog the name you see. When I click on my pictures, it says “italianish” and not my current name….

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