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    Hi I have a few questions: my blog is meant to be anonyous but I think someone at work has found out about it. I’ve currently made it private and I’d like to change it to another URL address. I would also like to change my username too, but keep the same email address. Is this possible?

    Does Google / search engines use our usernames as part of their search, or do only topics/urls count?

    I mean if someone typed in “kimona1” into google and my posts come up, is that becuase google is picking up my URL address or the username on my blog? i’d like to know because I don’t know if it is necessary to change my username, only the URL.

    thanks in advance, I’m a bit confused!



    The reason bloggers do not remain pseudonymous (no one is really anonymous on the net) is because they give out too much person information in their blogs that can be used to trace them. The only people who are likely to bother looking for them are people they are hiding from them – people who have a lot of personal information about them already.

    If, for example, you use the names of the location where live or the locations and the dates you went on a holiday then everyone who knows you can find your blog by using those. Now read the first sentence of your top blog post. Perhaps it’s a dead giveaway to anyone who knows you.

    (1) Your email address is the unique key for wordpress

    (2) You may register another username but if so it must be to a different email address. You can then import the contents of your existing blog into it.

    (3) Yes Google and all search engines use your username and your blog url as part of a search.



    #3) Big time. Note that a search for my username returns my blog as the number one search result.



    hi, i would like to know how to CHANGE the blog address. For eg., now my address is, how do i change it to



    dunbanass: you have to register for a new blog and export your archives there.

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