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Changing my display name for just one of my blogs: possible?

  1. Hello! I made a new blog for professional purposes and want to display my name differently from how it's shown on my personal blog. Can I have separate display names for each of them (a new one for the professional and the old one for the personal) while still logging in to the same dashboard? I didn't want to have to make an entirely new account if I can help it.

    Thank you so much for any replies.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can only have one username on any given blog (or multiple blogs) but you can change your display name in Dashboard>Users>My Profile. Fill in the field that says 'Display name publicly as'

  3. O hang on that will also show the same name on the connected blogs!!

  4. I think you will have to change the email address on one of the blogs as the Gravatar uses the email address, and then you can change the display name.

  5. But doing that affects both blogs. The new name is displayed in both blogs as author. I know I can't get another username, but I was wondering if I could have two display names, one for the personal blog, and one for the professional.

  6. Okay, I read your follow up comment. Will try changing the email and see if that works.

  7. Er, I can't find a way to set up two Gravatars. I think it's connected to the username, so if I change it it affects all the blogs in my account.

  8. Wait, I can put two emails on the Gravatars, but I can't find a way to link one to my personal blog, and the other to my professional blog. :(

  9. therattlingdoor

    You can change the Gravatar email but it is linked to both blogs as they have the same username. I think Giddy had one of his Giddy moments there. Best wait till someone like timethief comes to the forum, she'll be able to help. If this thread disappears before then i'll bump it up for you, or you can locate it by clicking your name in the top right of the forum page next to Welcome.

  10. Thank you, I really appreciate your response and your help.

  11. therattlingdoor

    I promised i'd bump this up so someone else can help with this, please So...bump

  12. Thanks, therattlingdoor. I hope someone has answers.

  13. therattlingdoor

    timethief is here now. She's good :)

  14. We can register as many blogs as we wish and provided we are logged in under the same username account, all blogs will be registered under it and the associated email account. While it’s true that we can change our “display name” or “nickname”, that name will appear on all blogs registered under the same username account. We can only link our username to a single “primary blog” and we can only have one gravatar per username/display name.

    If you plan from the outset to have blogs that you do not want to be associated, you must be logged out of when you register an additional username account with a different email address.Then you can log in under each username account and register blogs separately under each username so they aren’t associated and you can have a different gravatar for each username.

  15. Oh, okay. I was starting to believe that was the case, but I still hoped there might be a way. I'll just have to make a different account, then.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!

  16. I'm marking this as resolved now. Thanks again.

  17. therattlingdoor

    Thanks timethief :)

  18. Thanks also, therattlingdoor and thegiddygoat. :-)

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