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Changing my front page

  1. Hi, I'm completely bewildered. I am posting this a second time as I think I must have put it in the wrong place last time as it was ignored.
    I have a main page with a welcome message and a series of posts. I want to make a static page as a welcome page and then be able to get on adding posts to the post page.
    I followed instructions about making a new page called home and setting it as the front page in Reading options. However my original main page is nowhere to be found and I want to set it as the posts page. I have 2 other pages that show up as available for various editing activities but the old main page doesn't appear so I can't choose it to make it into the posts page. Help! It's a complete pain as every time I want to make a new post I have to mess around with the date and time of the top post and the new post in order to keep the welcome post at the top and the whole shebang making some sort of sense.
    Hope my question makes sense.
    I'll need a response that is pretty hand holding and basic as I am no techie. I can't see a way of renaming the main page which I suppose might be a route.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. The part where your regular blog posts go is the blog itself, not a specific page. That could be why you're having the problem. You do not have to set it to be the place your blog posts go; it already is, automatically. You can't get them to go anywhere else, in fact.

    You can set a particular static page to be your front page, but the place where the blog posts go won't be listed in your Pages; you get to it by clicking on the blog title itself. In other themes, it has its own tab, called HOME. You don't want to call your welcome page HOME, because it's not the blog home, just the welcome page.

    Go to Write and make a Page, not a post (it's a different tab). Call it Welcome or something like that. Then, under Options, set it to be the front page of your blog, ie "static page". Then you don't have to keep bumping a post.

  3. Oh brilliant raincoaster, I get it. It's because the theme I'm using doesn't have a Home tab. I think I might consider changing theme in that case as if I can't figure out how to get to the main posting page from "About Me" or something then how can my visitors. Alternatively I suppose I can make a link in my blog roll that I call Home.
    Thanks a lot. It's going to make it a lot easier to add things and generally get on with it.

  4. @ginaware
    Although you may want to have a "welcome" page I'm wondering how much your readers will appreciate it. If you expect your readers to return and that's why we do have blogs i.e. to build a blogging centered community then perhaps looking at your blog through their eyes is a good idea.

    (1) If your readers must click through that "welcome" page every time they click in to read your blog most recent posts, then do you think some may become annoyed with that double clicking?
    (2) Much of the information Google uses to determine your blog's page rank is derived from your front page. If your front page is merely w "welcome" page then what's there that will contribute to page rank?

  5. Ah, sadly it didn't work.
    I made the new welcome post page and set it as the static page but that still left me with now link to the original main posts page. Clicking the title at the top just took me to the Welcome post page. I've reinstated the original set up. I now have a page called Welcome which can be accessed by clicking the page of that name on the right column. I have a feeling the problem exists with the theme, Chaotic Soul. Never mind. I'll have to try changing it I guess if I want to have the static page and an easily accessible post page. I'd move the posts to a new page but lots of them have nice comments I don't want to lose so I think I'll have to put up with the arrangement as it is.
    Thanks anyway.

  6. Yes, I get your point timethief. Maybe it is best to have the generic info on a side bar accessible page if that's what people want.

  7. Yes I believe it may be a quirk of the theme you are using (Chaotic Soul) that you could not set up a static front page and another page for posts. I say that because I have done this on many other themes with no sweat.

    I think the best place for "generic" information is on Pages (static) pages as opposed to posts.

    On themes that have page tabs at the top of the theme or on a horizontal menu under the header you don't need to use the Pages widget. But on themes that lack "tabs" in either location then you do need to use the Pages widget to provide access links for your readers.

  8. I've changed the theme and it looks heaps better anyway. It still doesn't have a 'home tab' as such but I think I can play around and probably put the static info into 'about me' and be done with it. And play around with the page order maybe.
    I'd have liked to be able to post to specific pages but think my best option might be to start a separate linked blog for the separate category of info that I want to do. Keep one for nice posts about the paintings and another for the more 'down and dirty' on the practicalities of dealing with print and selecting POD sites and the like and just link them together. I think that might solve my problem.

  9. WOW! You are right. This theme looks sweet. :)
    Page order
    Just to be clear. You cannot "post" to a Page.

    You are off to a great start. Best wishes for happy blogging :)

  10. @ginaware
    Just in case you didn't know, visitors can always click on the title of your blog to get back to the main "home" page.

  11. timethief, thanks, I'm beginning to enjoy it! Talk about a steep learning curve what with making the website too. I'm nose down on the keyboard now and can scarcely remember the beginning of a sentence by the time I get to the end of it. Thanks for the links, that's a bridge to cross for tomorrow.

    sacredpath, yes I got that far, but with the old theme it didn't work. Might have been something I did wrong at set up but clicking the title in the old arrangement just took me to the static welcome page I'd created.

  12. Yes I understand what u r saying, but i don't get it. How do you get tabs on your blog like I want to add sections called Feedback and Funny Pics, but I can't figure it out

  13. Like on your blog Paintings By Gina. How can you do that About Me stuff

  14. ichigo - it's based on the the,e you chose. What is the link to your blog?

  15. that should be theme

  16. Ichigo, Hi
    Yes it is about what theme you choose. They've all got different features. I've got another blog going on for my English teaching work
    That's got nice little tabs too. I had to suss out how to do the page parent thing or I would have had too many at the top and that has made things easier.
    The thing I don't like about my Paintings from Syros theme is that the links are at the bottom and I am not sure people scroll down there. I'd like the same theme but with the links at the side but am so-and-soed if I am going to start mucking about with CSS and all that!
    I've solved it by starting a page called Inspirations which is where some of my important friend links (will) go and will at some stage have Inspirations 2 for a different set of non-friend links.

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