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Changing my username

  1. I want to change my username, and when I do, it accepts it, then logs me out. When I log back in, I still have my original username, and the new one is listed as taken. It's done that twice now. How do I get rid of my username, and get the one I wanted, which is now listed as "not available", as is my second choice?
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  2. What is the username that you're trying to change to?

  3. elcunliffe, which was free, and then it crashed and decided it was taken, and then I went for ecunliffe, which it did the same thing on?

  4. Actually, you originally had elcunliffe as a username back in August, but chose to change it to smallstoat on the same day.

    Since the username was changed, elcunliffe is no longer available.

  5. Thank you for checking - I do appreciate it - but I didn't actually change it back. I noticed when I went back to create the blog recently that it was still the old first username, so I tried to change it again, and it's done it again.

  6. Well, you have already changed your username from elcunliffe to smallstoat.

    You won't be able to change it back to elcunliffe as that username was discarded and locked when you made the change. There were several warnings about this throughout the process.

    If you mean that you're trying to register, you won't be able to do that now, as the elcunliffe username was discarded and locked when you changed it to smallstoat.

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