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Changing nameservers from WordPress

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to change the nameservers so that they can point to The point is that there is no domain administration section. So can you please help me.

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have a domain name registered with WordPress.COM? If so it would help us to help you if you posted it. I don't see any domain mapping on your blog when I visit it.

  3. Yeah I have registered this domain with

  4. You also need to be logged in as the owner of the domain name

  5. Well actually it doesn't because there isn't any domain administration section. When I go to Store- Domains there is nothing there but Add a Domain

  6. You said you bought the domain name here - we need to know the domain name to help you any more

  7. I didn't bought it I just register in which is free and thats it. And the domain is

  8. You know you just register and then you go trough some steps and then you start customizing you don't buy anything actually.

  9. Then you want the Site Redirect to send traffic from to wherever your new blog will be

    Change name servers is only relevant for custom domain names

    You can't take the domain with you -

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