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    Is there a way to change the order in which page tabs are displayed? I just now edited my “About” page, changing the page title and making a slight modification to a small piece of text. Then, I saved it. When I view my blog, that page is now the 3rd tab, whereas previously it was the 2nd.

    I cannot find anything that allows me to change the order of the tabs as they are displayed.

    Many thanks!


    Design > Widget > Pages > Edit > Sort by, select “Page order”, save.
    Then go to Manage > Pages: for each page scroll down to “Page Order”, assign a number (1 = first), save.



    Page tabs are listed alphabetically by default, but at the bottom of each Page in the Write Editor (Dashboard>Manage>Page) you can change the order of the Page in the navbar by inserting a number in the Page Order box. Remember to save your changes.



    Thank you! I overlooked those steps last night…. I must have been more tired that I thought.

    Thanks again,

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