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Changing Order Of Posts

  1. Is it possible to change the order of one of my posts, please? I want to move it 'up' a couple of places, in order to be next to a relevant later post. Thanks very much.

  2. The only way I think you can do it is to copy the text from the posts you want to move and then re-post them (either together, as one, or one after the other). Then you would delete the originals if you wanted to avoid duplication.

    Or you could just link to the previous post in the newer one...

    My understanding is that blogging software is strictly chronological. A drag, true. I'm planning on inserting blank "dummy" draft posts inbetween the posts on the next blog I set up so that I can go back and put things where they make more sense when someone reads through the posts.

  3. Just change the time stamp. Open it in the editor and on the right, where it says Publish Status is the Published On information with a link to edit the date and time.

  4. Thanks ellaella - that solves a problem for me too!

  5. Thnx a lot ellaella. Worked fine. Thanks.

  6. A very special thank you to ellaella for this neat and valuable tip. I had no idea this was even possible.

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