Changing Over Our WordPress Site to A New Host – Issues

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    To give you some context this is our website

    We are changing over to a new hosting provider and have just transferred upload all the files. Before point the name to the new server, we want to test it out.

    Unfortunately, it’s not working as the site is not showing up properly. We have contacted the hosting provider for support and they have responded by saying

    Since it is a WordPress site, the WordPress works and it is redirecting to another page to register for something. Probably something to do with the theme you installed. We cannot help you. It is a third party script causing the issue.

    If anyone can help me shed some light on this issue it would be greatly appreciated!


    Elli Raynai



    As your site is longer on you’re more likely to get the help you need via the support or forum.



    Thanks, will do!

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