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    When I edit a page, I would like to be able to change the date which shows on top, as I can with a post. Is there a way to do this?



    I don’t know if it’s theme dependent, but I checked on one of my blogs and do not see a way to set the date for a page as I can with posts. Pages are static, not dynamic; the date reflects the day of that page’s publication.



    Unfortunately the only way to achieve this would be to copy out the text, delete and re-create the page each time you wished to update the date. Pages aren’t timestamped in the way that posts are; if it’s incredibly important to have the timestamp displayed you might consider using posts instead..



    Yeah, I think in most of the themes pages don’t include a posting date. Mine doesn’t, and the ones that I checked don’t. Cutline and Light look relatively similar to the one you’re using.

    If you’re set on using your blog’s theme, I suppose you could copy/paste the page into a new page, then delete the old version. That sounds like a big hassle, though, especially if you make changes to pages often.

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