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    Hi everyone, sorry to trouble you but we are a group of family carers campaigning online and using WP blog. This whole process is a learning experience for us but one we intend to persevere with.
    If you look at our Home page, the headings along the top..Home – About – Employment Support Allowance – Social Care White Paper – Advice – Social Care Green Paper , when these are done, is there a way to save them rather than delete.Place them elsewhere on the blog so to speak.For example the last category is more or less obsolete but we want to save the info. Can it be done.
    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Your header displays parent pages only, so simply edit that page to turn it into a child page (page editor > Attributes module > select a parent from the dropdown > click Update Page). If you want that page to remain accessible to others, keep the Pages widget on; if not, remove the Pages widget.




    The easiest way I can think of is to copy the text from the PAGE (i.e. Social Care Green Paper) into a new POST and delete the PAGE. This will remove the link from heading. You can then add RECENT POSTS widget under Appearance so it remains easily accessible.

    Your second option is to “arrange your pages in hierarchies”. Click edit under your page title – in the dashboard – and on the right-hand of your screen under ATTRIBUTES > PARENT > you can arrange the pages. For i.e. you can list Social Care Green Paper under Social Care White Paper.

    Hope this helps.



    Many thanks for your help. Will look at trying these suggestions later today.
    Great resource you have here for advice, just hope there is no limit on the number of questions that can be asked. I have a feeling we will be using it/you a lot…:P




    Thanks so much. I think I have mastered hierarchies but can you tell me if the parent page shows/links to child pages and how?



    That depends on the theme. Some of them are much clearer than others. As well, usually the Pages widget will show child pages, even if the header does not.



    We are using contempt theme and can’t seem to see connection to child page.

    Can you tell me a theme that you know does give links to child pages so I can try it out.



    You should check out this child pages information article. You could also include the pages widget to list them in your sidebar instead.




    That’s brilliant. All sorted with pages widget. Many thanks.

    Still can’t work out how to reorder the parent pages across the header. They seem to have arranged themselves in a random order.

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