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Changing page markers in Regulus

  1. i've been playing around with css before I purchase the upgrade. so far, yay on things like changing link parameters..etc. however, i'm really confused about how to change the color of the tabs at the top (i.e. 'about,' 'podcast,' etc). right now, the home page shows as white and the rest as navy with white text. I want to darken the text and lighten the background but after viewing the stylesheet, i'm lost as to which part refers to these tabs at the top. thanks so much for any help! :)

  2. Any CSS entry consists of 2 parts. The selector and the rule. The selector is what you want the fix applied to. The rule is what you want it to do. So step 1 is to identify the selector. To do that consult the xhtml. To do that in your browser view/source or similar. We do that in your case and we get

    <ul id="nav">
    		<li class="current_page_item" ><a href="" >Home</a></li>
    		<li class="page_item"><a href="" title="About">About</a></li>
    <li class="page_item"><a href="" title="Podcast">Podcast</a></li>
    <li class="page_item"><a href="" title="Book Reviews">Book Reviews</a></li>

    So your selector is #nav ul li a.

    So you put #nav ul li a {background: pink etc}

  3. thanks for the input..I tried that and nothing changed though..hmmm.

  4. This is your CSS

    * -----------
    ----------- */
    ul#nav {
    	bottom:0; left:0;
    	margin:0 0 0 16px;
    ul#nav li {
    	margin:0 0.5em 0 0;
    ul#nav li a {
    	padding:10px 14px;
    	border:1px solid #fff;
    	border-color:#357 #002 #002 #357;
    ul#nav li a:hover {
    ul#nav .current_page_item a,
    ul#nav .current_page_item a:hover {
    	border-color:#ff3 #da0 #da0 #ff3;
  5. it worked! thank you so've really made my day. :D

  6. It worked? Heck.........

  7. lol...indeed! still not ready to purchase css upgrade until i'm confident i've got everything i want to change...fixed just as i want it...but preview works great for now.

  8. ;) soon she'll be wanting her own install

  9. you mean pffft.never. I shall remain loyal to :p

  10. Nonsense. is just a fork of --- the open source community. And you are geeky girl ... I'll give you 6-12 months tops. ;)

  11. nonsense? why I never! :p trust me....if I switch to .org and something goes wrong..the panic for not having the support at wordpress means that my screams will be heard by the deepest sea creatures imaginable..even the lolcats will cringe

    (true though..i've thought about .org..more templates too..but I feel like there's less support if something goes wrong!)

    hrm..6-12 months...there should be a wager involved methinks ;)

  12. You have a great niche blog that has tremendous potential. I predict that within 6-12 you will have made enough geeky friends to help you make the transition -- good friends who will help you when required. But I'm into not into wagers -- I don't gamble. Prophecy is my thing. ;)
    P.S. Take note that such a friend is helping you right now.

  13. aw bless..honestly timethief -hugs-. hehe..I appreciate the support! I have to admit...I do like all the theme options with .org and the freedom to do's only the responsibility issue with it that freaks me out...but i'll give it time and see how much more comfortable I get with the techy stuff.

  14. Well you're making a start right here by editing your theme' s css.
    Good for you. :)

  15. Well the org forum can seem a bit rough but there is a great, very savvy, and generally very helpful, community over there at WP org.

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