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    I’d like to change the order of my pages without having to delete all of them and recreate them in the proper order. Any workarounds?



    Only by editing the theme which we can’t do.



    You can edit the page title with a number in front. Numbers will go ahead of letters.



    Login to your blog, select Mangage -> Pages

    Select edit, to edit each page in turn. There is a blue Page Order selection bar on the right side of the edit Pages page.
    Select the + to expand.

    Note that by default each page order value is set to 0, so the pages display in alpha order by default.

    Set this value (ie, 1, 2, 3, etc) on each page to order the pages other than by alpha.




    Update to my previous post. This now seems NOT to be working as expected, and I sent a Feedback to WordPress.

    Regard the Page Order + feature on the edit Page view. When I update page order, it seems to only reorder the pages on the Manage => Pages view within the blog, but does NOT reorder the pages that are displayed on the live blog.

    I would think this feature would update the order of Pages as seen on the blog, yes or ? Thanks.



    I have exactly the same result you do. It
    reorders the pages inside the admin area
    but does not reorder the pages as seen on
    the blog.

    Simple solution

    1. Integrate the “Order My Links” plugin
    2. Have it also apply to WordPress Pages

    If you don’t the competion will overrun
    you sooner or later. They want it bad.

    I’d prefer that you listen to the multitude of
    Wordpress users asking for these features.
    It’s not a “nice-to-have” thing like fading
    menus, it is a “core requirement”.




    In the sidebar.php file, look for the call to


    Now, add the line “&sort_column=menu_order” to the arguments so that it looks like this


    That will sort your Pages by the order that you specify in the Page order field on each Page’s edit page.


    Is malesalmon’s fix actually working for anyone? I saw a post in another WordPress forum where someone pointed out that we can’t access the sidebar.php file in WordPress.

    Right now, I’m just trying to re-name the page titles so they’ll slip into something closer to the desired order. It’s not really a fix. But I can’t bear having a “1” “2” or “3” etc. at the beginning of each page name.

    Hope someone responds. And, lest I forget: Thank You, malesalmon for providing that fix, even if I haven’t yet used it. Seriously!



    We can not access the theme files here as they are currently shared among all users. The solution up above is for those with a self hosted blog.



    This works, I just tested it. It’s ugly but it DOES work.
    Do this carefully okay?

    Normally it’s all in alpha order.
    I just made 3 pages:
    This is page One
    This is page Two
    This is page Three

    I also had an About page and Page#1

    They displayed as
    This is page One
    This is page Three
    This is page Two

    I went to Manage > Pages
    Clicked Edit for This is page Two
    In the TITLE for that page, I put the cursor at the very start of that line.
    I press SPACE once.
    Save page.
    Page order is now
    This is page Two
    This is page One
    This is page Three

    I edited ‘This is page THREE’ in the same way but put 4 spaces. It then rose to the top.

    More spaces = higher up.

    Yes it’s ugly, yes there should be a better way, yes someone will moan at this but it works.



    Also many themes respect the menu_order, so if you set that (it’s in the sidebar on the write page page) you can order pages.


    pods thanks a lot u really helped me

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