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    Im new to this and have a few basic questions. I am using the 20-11 theme.

    How do I change the layout of the top menu? I want the different page titles in a different order.

    How can I change the sidebar from left to right?

    Why does the sidebar disappear on Blog posts?

    How can I get the Blog page to show a summary of the posts, rather than the entire post? Also, on the home page, I want just a summary, not the entire post.

    When using Widgets, I want to see the latest comment itself, and not who posted it? How do I change that?

    That’ll do for starters.
    Thank you in anticipation.

    The blog I need help with is



    You won’t be able to do most of the first few requests without a knowledge of CSS editing and the Custom Design upgrade. You will not be able to force the sidebar to display on individual posts on that theme at all; that is hard-coded in and cannot be changed.

    You can get it to display a summary on the main page by using the More button, the one that looks like a dotted line across a piece of paper. You can’t display a summary of the post on the post itself; the whole post has to go SOMEWHERE.

    The Recent Comments widget is not configurable.

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