Changing passwords for non-blogging users

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    How does one change the password for an account that doesn’t have an associated blog? I can’t seem to find any way to get to a profile page that would let me do that.




    I remember it coming up in the past but I thought it had been resolved. I’ll drop a note to staff and see what the resolution was on the matter.

    Can you try logging in at the actual page and seeing if you get anything?



    When I log in via, there doesn’t seem to be any option to change the password. The only thing I see that’s even close is an “Edit Profile…” option in the pull-down menu up top, but it simply takes me to the page that lets me create a blog…which I’d prefer not to do for this particular user.



    The reason that we didn’t have such a non-blogging password change facility was because most people logged in, got their Akismet key and disappeared with that. So they only ever needed it once.

    It’s no problem to change it though – email with your chosen password and I’ll get it sorted.

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