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    hello. can you please help me understand if I am re-sizing url images correctly? In the latest post,
    I copied all these images from other websites (got permission to do so from original sites!), added them to the post and then, in edit, under “advanced settings” I reduced the original pixel size, usually reducing it by half. These images appear reduced in size on the edit post screen, but in preview and after I published the post, they appear quite large, as if they were not reduced at all.
    what else do I need to do to reduce the size of these photos? Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    The available resizing options don’t work with images hosted elsewhere. If you have to insert such images, you need to modify their code in the Text (=code) editor after inserting them. If you want to downsize to, say, 200px wide, you’ll turn this:
    <img ETC ETC ETC
    to this:
    <img style="width:200px;" ETC ETC ETC

    But inserting images hosted elsewhere isn’t best practice:
    • as explained, some of the options won’t be available;
    • if you insert an image that’s wider than the width of your main column, some browser versions will display it distorted (or even display it in real size and break the theme);
    • you run the risk of a no-show if the other site takes too long to load or if it’s down, or if an image gets relocated or removed.
    For these reasons it’s best to copy the images to your computer and upload them to your blog.
    When you insert images you have uploaded to your blog, you get three ready-to-use size options in addition to full width: thumbnail, medium, and large. You set the defaults for these options yourself in Settings > Media, based on what you prefer and on how wide the main column is in the theme you’re using.


    oh, thank you. that makes a lot of sense. most helpful.



    You’re welcome!

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