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Changing placement of title text on category archive pages

  1. I've recently had some fantastic WP help with customizing the header for my blog but have noticed that there are two small adjustments that I need to make to solve a small problem. When the image widgets are clicked on the new header they lead to either the category archive pages or the random post page: the text that is at the top of these pages ("date posted", "CATEGORY ARCHIVES", "Previous/Next", etc. ) now falls either on top of or underneath the image widgets (screenshots can be made available). Is there some CSS code that I can change to have this important information fall below the image widgets?
    Thanks in advance for your help...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your problem is a lot worse than you think. Apparently you're not aware that the theme you're using is responsive: drag the browser window to make it narrower and see what happens.

  3. Yes, I was aware that it was responsive and exactly the reason that I approached SUPPORT for help in the first place when seeking customization. It is very nice of you to point out this now huge problem without offering any sort of resolution - further proof that everyone is only too happy to point out what is wrong when asked for help...

  4. Yeah right.
    Your original question was how to move the archive page titles lower. This by itself would be easy to answer (if things worked the way you thought they do), but it has nothing to do with the mess that appears on narrower devices, and there's nothing in your original post (or your customization) that shows you were aware of this different issue.
    Since you didn't understand my reply, and only found purported "proofs" in it, I'll translate it: as far as I know, your idea cannot work on a flexible-width theme. So there's no further help I could give other than alert you. My apologies for trying to do so.

  5. Thank you for your prompt reply but there is no need to be rude - the reason that people come to the forums is to seek help - it would have been easy to just to give a concise answer in the first place. In the future, you might be advised to be a little more civil in your responses and not include phrases that make assumptions like "(if things worked the way you thought they do)"..

  6. Hi there - Your question is a bit complex, so I'd recommend asking the experts in the CSS forum:

    If you don't get an answer there, I also suggest requesting a quote from Tweaky, who will work with you to customize your theme to your specifications:

  7. @eurello: This is the CSS forum.

    @ideflex: In the future, you might be advised to notice it says "Member" under my username, just like it says under yours. You don't understand what that means either, do you?

  8. Hi there - Oops, I'm sorry! That was my bad. ;)

    @ideflex, can you please provide screenshots of this? I see the information beneath the image widgets, but I might not be looking in the right place.

  9. @eurello: Thank you - The issue has been resolved - I will be contacting Support for any further issues I may encounter.

    @justpi: Please refrain from making any further irrelevant comments on ANY of my forum questions - especially ones like "You don't understand what that means either, do you?" - this is not necessary....

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