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changing placement of widgets in sidebar

  1. lifewiththeothers

    feeling silly again but here goes. I have a photo in my sidebar that I want to be beside a particular post (permanently). Right now, it seems to always stay at the top of the page. I've looked on the FAQ but it gives no results. In other posts peope talk about moving the widgets, but I'm sorry I don't understand. (They talk about dragging it here or there, but the only place I see to grab/drag the widget is on the widget editing page, and then it just goes back to where I put it a secon later.)

    How do I control where the widget displays? Thank you.
    Blog is

  2. In order to have a picture with a post, you need to put it in the post itself.

    Looking at your site, you don't have many widgets in the sidebar, so that maybe why you can't put this one exactly where you want. Widgets stack, so moving a widget to the bottom of a stack of only 2 widgets doesn't move it very far. I assume you're trying to pull it down so there is a space between the top of the sidebar and this photo. This doesn't work. You can fill the space with empty text widgets, but you're going to run into problems in the long term.

    The sidebar is completely separate from the posts, and it is supposed to be used for navigation, lists of links, and such. It is not an active part of your blog posts.

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. lifewiththeothers

    Thanks for the response. It is indeed helpful. Not what I wanted to hear (boo!), but definitely helpful :-) Now I know...

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