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    hi there,

    I’ve been searching for a while now- with no luck!

    Can someone please help me with a very BASIC problem…

    What is the code to change my post font, size & colour….i cant seem to identify the right area in my style sheet?

    Thank you- much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    Font colors and sizes are typically set in different places for different types of text. Could you be more specific?



    People who don’t already know CSS are advised not to purchase the upgrade as (I’m sure you’ve noticed) there is not a lot of help if you don’t know it.



    thanks sacredpath. i am referring to the text in written in my post?


    The post body text is defined in #content.

    For font size, in the posts, I would add a font-size definition to .entry p .

    #content: {color: #FFFFFF; }
    .entry p {font-size:100%; }

    Change the 100% to a different value, but I would suggest keeping it as a percentage. For larger, try 110% or 115%, etc. For less, 90% or…

    For the color, change the hex value to the one you want.



    Thank you so much! i really do appreciate the time you take
    to answer my questions1



    one more thing….how can i change the post title heading – i tried the code below?

    .posttitle {
    margin-bottom: -8px;
    padding: 0 0 0 2px;
    width: 100%;
    color: #000;
    overflow: auto;

    thanks sacredpath!


    Since the post title is a link, the color would be under

    .post .title a:link, .post .title a:visited {

    The bottom border, size, etc. would be set here

    .post .title {
    border-bottom:1px solid #E7E7E7;
    margin:0 0 30px;
    padding:0 0 25px;


    woo hoo! very excited- it worked! genius. thanks sacredpath.


    You’re welcome.



    This issue may have something to do with my problem. Three days ago I lost the ability to change colors of the titles of my posts and of the body of the texts for that matter. For months, I used different colors for different posts, as well as different colors for sentences within texts of some posts. So, a general change in the stylesheet wouldn’t do it for me. Now, even though the changes and colors show on the visual editor, when updated, it’ss the same fading grey color that appears, which visually is an absolute disaster. It’s almost illegible. You may check my blog, to see old posts with their differentiated colors and the most recent ones. I’ve asked for help, I believe Hanni was taking care of this problem (#606243) but I haven’t heard from him for a while. Elsewhere I see that some people are seeing unecessary and unexpected spaces between titles, which is a problem I’m also having, so it all may be related. Please someone help. thanks and regards. Wesley coll



    Hi sacred path–was wondering if you’d be willing to help me quickly as well. I am building more of a website than a blog. Was wondering what I need to change to affect the font size of the overall site? It’s not really a comment or an entry so I am not sure based on your earlier entries



    The main content is set with the code below:

    #content, #content input, #content textarea {font-size:1.5em;}



    Hi, I read your posts and know the code which allows me to reduce the size of fonts. But … I’m placing the code in the CSS style sheet (in the window od the CSS Stylesheet Editor) and pressing Edit page nad nothig is happening.
    What is wrong? Where to place the code? (I’m aware that I have to buy the Custom CSS Upgrade in order to keep the changes)

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