Changing Previous/Next Links on Imbalance 2's Posts

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    I’m seeking help with the following blog utilizing the Imbalance 2 theme (particularly with the “Portfolio” page, which happens to be the designated posts page):

    Is there any way to alter the “Previous/Next” links that appear when you click on a particular post to simply say “Back to Portfolio” (and link it back to my Portfolio page)?

    Any help would be much appreciated! ^o^

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    For reference, here is a link to the portfolio page:

    I dont see the previous/next links though! I must be overlooking it. I also tried checking one of the posts linked on the portfolios page:

    And I don’t see previous/next links there either.

    If you still need help with this, could you point me in the right direction to find the links you want to modify?

    Note that, in general, you cannot change text with CSS but it’s pretty easy to add text to the beginning or end of something with the “content” attribute.



    I should’ve “resolved” this questions as I ended up figuring out a way to achieve my look through different forum answers.

    Thank you for your reply, though! :D


    Aha! Very cool. May I ask if you’d be willing to post the solution here so others can benefit from what you figured out too?

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