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Changing primary administrator of a blog

  1. How can I switch the primary administrator for a blog and remove my email from a blog without creating an entirely new account? I created a blog that is associated with an organization that I set up and not necessarily a particular idividual. I am leaving the organization and do not want my email address / profile associated with the blog anymore. I do not want to destroy or delete the blog, but I want to "pass it on" to another administrator instead. We have tried changing all of the email and contact info in the profile to his information, but I still keep receiving emails about followers, posts, etc. I would like to "untether" all of my info from the blog. I still want be an administrator on the blog (using my other blogspot account) but I want to be removed from the original account so the new administrator can do his thing without me involved at all. How can I accomplish this? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can make another official user of the blog an Admin of the blog and then transfer the blog to their username account. Once that has succeeded then you can leave a blog.

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