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Changing purchased domain name.

  1. I've searched but I have only found information regarding accounts. I want to change my blog from to I understand I will probably need to purchase the new domain, however, my question is this: if I purchase a site redirect upgrade, will that ensure that both my followers and content will be at the new site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. If you purchase a Site Redirect Upgrade, the content will automatically be moved to the new blog that you specify. However, your followers will not, and you should notify them ahead of time that your site URL will be changing, and they should follow you at that new website to continue to receive your lovely posts.

    Also, if you are still confused, check out this link-

  3. Lovely! One more question. I just discovered that the domain name I want is actually owned by have inquired about the price to own it. If I purchase it from them, do I just need to do domain mapping and site redirect upgrades to keep my content?

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