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changing scrollbar colours

  1. Hello,

    I made some CSS adjustments to the simpla theme. The final item I would like to adjust are the scrollbars. I know I can edit the colours of the scrollbar by creating a new class, e.g. called "scroll", but I have to add this class to the body tag.
    How can I do this through css? How can I add a new class to the body?


  2. Hello,

    I tried again by adding the "scrollbar-face-color" etc. directly tho the body in css, but when I save my stylesheet this vanishes automatically. Does this imply that this is not supported in wordpress?


  3. "scrollbar-face-color" and the like are not standard CSS. They're Microsoft's. Non-standard CSS will be stripped out by the WP software.


  4. Thanks. Is there a way in CSS to change the colours?

  5. thistimethisspace

    No. You cannot change colour on the scroll bars. That's what devblog said above. If you do the software will just strip the code out.

    If you are referring to changing colours anywhere else then you will find those instructions in any basic css text.
    There are also 3 sticky posts at the head of the css forum you may want to consult.

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