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Changing "Site Title" did nothing for "Blog Name"

  1. i changed the URL of a brand new blog and opted not to permanently disable the original URL. i also changed the "Site Title" under Settings->General to coincide with the new URL. unfortunately, changing the site title did absolutely nothing to affect the "Blog Name", so now under "My Blogs" i have two blogs with the exact same blog name ... which is absolutely NOT what i want.
    have i missed a step here???
    how can i get the blog name to reflect properly so i can avoid having to constantly click and re-click to get to the right dashboard???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your old blog is going to reflect the same name as your new blog unless you change the title of your old blog. (Ok let's break it down) When you are changing a blogs URL and opt in to not delete its old URL it creates a duplicate if your old blog with your new URL and the blog with the old URL says their because you said you wanted the old URL. All you have to do to fix the problem is re-title the old site with the old URL. (Let me know if that didn't make sense)

  3. thanks for responding. your note does make sense, but as i outlined, i actually did change the title of the old site and it's reflected properly in the General Settings section, but the blog name did not change.

  4. It will change eventually. It takes a while, as I recall. One of my blogs was the old URL for ages and then suddenly I noticed it had changed.

  5. indeed it has now changed ... thanks!

  6. No problem, were all here to help each other learn new things! :)

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