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    I’m working with Oxygen theme for my blog and have upgraded to Custom Design and would like to change the width and height of featured images using css. Is that possible?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    a) Which featured images? The ones that show in the slider, or the thumbnails below the slider, or the ones that show in the “recent posts” section?
    b) Decrease or increase the dimensions? The latter isn’t really possible.


    Both, the ones that show in the slider and also the ones that show in “recent posts” section. As you can see, I got rid of the right sidebar so I want the featured image to be as wide as the content is. But since I want to increase the dimensions, looks like you have already answered my question. Thank you.



    You’re welcome.
    a) I can’t see because your blog is set to private.
    b) To explain my “isn’t really possible”: The dimensions of featured images are set in PHP, not CSS, so you cannot change them. You can use CSS editing to make the images show full-width, but they won’t be real larger versions, they will be the default ones blown-up, which means terrible quality.


    Thank you very much, justpi!

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