Changing Static Homepage Back to Blog so Blog Gets RSS Feeds

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    I used “Settings” then “Reading” to create a static Homepage so you click on a link there to get to my blog. Unfortunately, it looks like the RSS feeds do not update with the new blog posts because the page is static.

    First, is there a way to get the RSS feeds to see new blogs or do I need to change it back so my blog is my landing page?

    If the RSS feeds won’t see the new blog posts, how do I change it back? I can’t seem to point it back to the blog, without losing my previous posts. I used the “Settings” then “Reader” and set it to “Your latest posts” instead of “Static” and, yes, the homepage becomes my blog again, but none of my past posts come up.

    I tried going to the actual page that has my blog posts on it and changing the name of it (right above the text box) by removing the /xxxxx so it is just the root URL, but it won’t take it.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    I used “Settings” then “Reading” to create a static Homepage so you click on a link there to get to my blog. … how do I chnage it back? …

    The blog linked to your username demonstrates no evidence of what you are describing above. Please post the URL to the blog in question, starting with http://



    cvanston does have a blog.

    Carrie, your feed looks normal to me:

    It has posts, including the one dated yesterday.


    For a blog, it shouldn’t matter if there is a static front page set or not. The RSS feed should show your latest published posts from the Posts section in your blog dashboard.

    Check the Posts section in your blog dashboard and see if that matches with what you see in the feed.

    Note that pages are not included in a feed (like the static front page). Only posts are included a feed. See the Post vs. Page help page for more details about the differences.



    Thanks – I was stupid.

    I apologize for my stupid response.



    Yes! I now see that, silly me, I was not pushing “Display” in Bloglines. The reason I didn’t think there were any blogs there (and so didn’t click “Display”) was because all the other blogs on my Bloglines list have the name of the blog followed by a number that signifies new blogs I haven’t read, i.e., Blogname (3), Mine doesn’t have that, so I thought I didn’t have any there. Is it because my blog has too long of a name and Bloglines only gives me two lines and cuts off the unread blog numbers? My blog name on the RSS feed is “MINITRENDS: Finding and Profiting from Emerging Business Opportunity Gems .” If so, should I shorten it? If so, how do I shorten it? It’s probably right in front of me, but don’t see anywhere in my Dashboard to change the name.

    Thanks tellyworth, designsimply and timethief for your help!I feel so overwhelmed by all this and appreciate your time. Does it get easier?


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