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Changing Text Color in Widget Text?

  1. ascendingkonsciousness

    Can I change the text color in widget text? If so what is the code to do that? I can look up actual color codes, what I need is an example (using any color) of the the code that allows me to change the text color in widgets. Much obliged!

  2. if i'm not wrong, size and colour tags are usually stripped off in widgets. we can use bold and italic tags, though.

  3. Is it certain that color cannot be changed in the widget text? It looks funny to have the Tarski blue text and then the black of the widgets. If someone knows how to change the color, I'd also like to know.

  4. @gartenfische
    Have you tried changing the font colour in a draft post first so you can delete it later and then simply copying and pasting the resulting code and text into the text widget?
    Please give it a try and then report the outcome back here.

  5. Beautiful! Why didn't I think of that? Works wonderfully. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. w00t! I love happy endings. :)

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