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changing text colors?

  1. hi...
    any one knows if i'm able here to change Links , vesited colors on my page..
    for Example in my
    i did that:

    a { text-decoration: none; color: #900; }
    a:visited { color: #666; }
    a:hover { background: #DDD; color:000}

    cant i do the same here?
    i just wont the links to be red with underline.. i can use ANY theme as long as i can add my own header,

    thank you


  2. I *think* you can make the links a different color and underline them but not on a global basis. You would have to edit each one individually. I think podz mentioned this in another post here in the forums.

    I have edited the HTML for underlining, haven't tried the color option.

  3. I have all the text on my site as bold so I can read them better. I just put the tags < strong > < / strong > If you put the tags in all the time with each new post, it will work that way.

  4. You can with the Edit CSS upgrade. You can view more about this at Dashboard -> Upgrades.

    Hope this helps,

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