Changing text of “Home” link to something else?

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    I’m not sure if this question is specific to the theme I’m using, but in case it is, I’m using the Tarski theme, which I’m overall extremely happy with, after having examined and tried a half a dozen others at first.

    Near the top of my blog page, below the custom image header, title and subtitle text and above the blog postings, there are two links: “Home” and “About”. “About” goes to a static page of the classic “about” variety, and the text of the “About” link can be changed to whatever one desires, I have discovered.

    “Home” by default goes to the most recent blog posting, which suits me fine, except that “Home” is so generic and broadly used a web term that it gives no real idea in this case of where it links to before one clicks it to find out.

    I’d like to change the link’s text from “Home” to something more specific and meaningful that indicates as simply as possible where it links to, like “Latest Post”, “Current Topic”, “Today’s Hot Tip”, or the like (probably just “Latest Post” actually).

    I have clicked all over’s half-acre, and searched the FAQs and Forums, for the way to change the text of this “Home” link, but without success.

    How can it be done, if it can be at all? If not, is this a limitation of the Tarski theme or inherent to all of

    – D.



    You can create as many static pages as you choose to. Does this help?



    I’ve been to that “2 home pages” faq page, and snooped through several others linked to it, and I sense the answer may lie thereabouts, though it all seems like a very complex way to do something so simple as change the text of a link.

    But the first question is: does the “Home” link to the latest blog posting, which is also a link to the bare unadorned URL of my blog, namely, constitute a kind of static page?

    Clearly the About page is a static page. But the “Home” link doesn’t link to any page at all – it links to a post, the most recent, as just described.

    Or is the most recent post, the unadorned bare root URL of my blog, given above, actually a special kind of static page, even though it contains the everchanging most recent post?

    Hmmmm. If that’s the case, then maybe I can add it to my Manage Pages tab, which would put a link to it into that top space along with “About”, which I could rename — then if I can hide the built-in and evidently uneditable “Home” link already there….

    I’ll go try it, and meantime any further elucidation from any quarter will be appreciated. I’ll report back later.

    If it ultimately comes down to either putting up with the near-meaningless “Home” text in the link, or giving up the Tarski theme, I’ll probably stay with Tarski because I have grown so fond of it.



    A blog has only one page (usually the front page but this can be changed) that automatically updates with every post you make. The most recent are ordered on top.

    Static pages are different. You can create as many as you choose here -> Write -> Page and you may call them whatever you wish.

    These static pages sit outside the blog structure hence, they do not automatically update. The only way to update them at all is by editing.

    Static pages are intended for providing information that rarely, if ever, changes.

    You cannot assign categories to static pages and they lack the Google juice that your posts on your front page have.




    The About page is used by bloggers as a place to post a short biography and a statement as to what their blog is about. And you can create static pages for these “Current Topic”, “Today’s Hot Tip”.



    My plan didn’t work, not initially anyway. I wonder if this is an inescapable Tarski thing after all….

    Wrote timethief:
    “And you can create static pages for these “Current Topic”, “Today’s Hot Tip”.

    But what I’m trying to do is retain the functionality of the existing “Home” link, namely to link to my main page with the latest post at top, from every other page or post in my blog, but change the text of that link from “Home” to “Current Topic” or “Latest Post”. I don’t want to actually create a new static page at all.

    You see, at present with the Tarski theme, this “Home” link appears at the top of every page, Page, post, etc. in my blog, always linking back to the main page where the latest post is always found. I want to keep that very handy link on all my pages, but I don’t want it to say “Home” — I want it to say “Latest Post” or other such meaningful term that actually says where the link goes, which is to my Latest Post, i.e. the blog’s main page.

    I think I’ll let my brain work on this puzzle over the course of a night’s sleep, and retackle the matter tomorrow. Meantime any and every additional suggestion and clarification will be directly or indirectly helpful, even if not immediately illuminating the answer or making perfect sense yet to my still crystallizing comprehension, and for such building blocks of future complete wisdom I am most grateful your helpful self, timethief, and likewise to any other contributor to this thread.

    I also still can avail myself of the direct link to support that timethief kindly indicated, as well as the heavily trafficked Support forum proper. A Tarski-friendly solution will, I am sure, be found before long.

    Meantime I invite all to enjoy the hilarious SCTV video clips currently featured in that now much talked of latest post of mine at

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