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changing text size

  1. when I manually change the text size for my 'about' page, I can see the larger size in the posting box but when I post, it reverts back to the same thing (i.e. no difference). I looked at it in firefox and safari and neither show a change. what i'm trying to change are my link sizes on the 'about' page (eg. copyright, creator..etc).

    i will be upgrading to css shortly but I don't want ALL my links to be bigger..just those ones so the css option seems to be out for this purpose.

    anyone know why this isn't working or if it's relevant to the theme or something i'm doing wrong? thanks so much! :)

  2. I would wait an hour or so and see if the changes have taken effect then. There have been some "edit and save" anomalies that would indicate the datacenters are not synched up, so it could well be that your changes are registered, but when you view the blog you're looking at a version served up by another server that hasn't gotten the news yet. If it doesn't fix itself in an hour, send a ticket to Support.

  3. I think the < font > tag is overruled by the style specified in style.css. In there, it says that #content has a font-size:1.2em. Try using either a < span style="font-size:n;" > tag instead of the < font >, or put that style attribute directly on each of the < a >'s.

  4. thanks to both of you....kimik0...i used the span command and it worked..thanks've been a huge help :)

  5. YAY! for kimik0 who has been a great help. :)

  6. *lol* You're welcome!

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