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    I am having issues changing the color of links in my posts and pages in the Freshy theme. Previously I was able to change them from gray to an organge, but now no matter what color I choose it remains gray. My blog is and the link can be found throughout a few of the posts and on the “Our Trips” page as well as others. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m seeing on the “our trips” page that each link (June 2008 for example) has three color definitions.

    <a href=""><span style="color: rgb(109, 218, 36);"><span style="color: rgb(243, 74, 1);">June </span><span style="color: rgb(243, 74, 1);">2008</span></span></a>

    First an outer “span” tag with rgb(109, 218, 36) and then a separate span around June and a separate span around 2008 with rgb(243, 74, 1). You need to edit the HTML and either turn it into this

    <a href=""><span style="color: rgb(109, 218, 36);">June 2008</span></a>

    or this

    <a href=""><span style="color: rgb(243, 74, 1);">June 2008</span></a>

    whichever color is correct. I see similar on all the links on the “our trips” page.


    I’m pretty new to this and I’m not quite sure what you mean there. I looked through the html and seen that there were a couple colors on each one and corrected that. Again, not sure if that is what you meant.

    More than the current links, I am having issues when adding new links to the site. I can change the color of the text to orange, but as soon as I add the link it turns gray.

    I have tried changing the color before and after adding the link with no luck, any more suggestions would be appreciated.


    The editor was updated a few weeks back and that update is such a disaster and has so many bugs.

    I’ve attempted to find a solution for assigning color to links, and I’m afraid there is no easy solution. The one solution at this time is to create the link and then either edit it in the HTML tab to add the span tags with the color definition, or add it the color and then edit it in the HTML tab and move the span tags to the proper place.

    I’ve contacted support about the issue, but they are sort of at the mercy of the makers of the editor, TinyMCE. Until they fix things and get an update out we are sort of stuck I’m afraid.


    Trying to change the same bit of text twice by highlighting it and using the buttons of the visual editor is always unsafe: the first time it’s plain text, and the editor adds the proper code; but the second time the item you’re highlighting is already enclosed in code, and in the visual editor you cannot really control what exactly you’re selecting.

    So you’d better switch the editor to HTML and color your links there, i.e. change this:
    <a href="URL HERE">TEXT HERE</a>
    to this:
    <a style="color:#f34a01;" href="URL HERE">TEXT HERE</a>


    The editor needs to be fixed. It really shouldn’t b0rk things like that, and people really shouldn’t have to make a trip into HTML land to add a color to a link.

    That said, editing and manually adding the color coding in the HTML editor is the only way right now as Panos says.


    I was wondering if it was some kind of update or something along those lines. Thanks for the info on that guys, I really appreciate it.


    Derp, and manually editing the html did work, thanks, again.


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    hmm. Sorry, but I don’t understand the modlook tag. Can someone explain?


    It was for staff. I wanted them to be aware of the link color issue with the visual editor. I contacted staff on it so I’ll remove the modlook tag.


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    Welcome as always Tess.

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