changing the colour of my tagline in twenty ten template

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    Hi, I have searched the forums and tried to use the code examples in CSS to change the colour of the font of my tagline. The rest of my colours are fine and I have found how to change them.
    I have a washed out red colour that I did not choose, and regardless of what I enter into the CSS form under #site-description i cannot seem to alter the colour of the font.
    Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is



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    You can modify that without CSS in the Twenty Ten theme. Try editing the “Text Color” value on your Appearance → Theme options page.



    sorry the only options i see under Appearance – Theme are for
    1. Site Title
    2. Headings
    3 Body Text
    All I want to change is the tagline which for some reason is appearing neither in black (colour for my headings and body text) or red (colour for my Site Title) instead it seems to be a washed out 60% red.

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