Changing the colour of the date-of-post circle for Bueno

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    Hi, anyone know how to the change the colour of the date-of-post circle in the Bueno theme?

    The blog is

    I’m hoping to change the blue to a custom black.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is




    Can you try this:

    .post .date {


    @joshidaniel, that won’t work in Bueno. The circle in Bueno is an image. The background: #000; would give a black rectangle.



    @thesacredpath i tried it before on my blog and it was working and is having a square box and not the default round image.


    Yes, but she specifically asked,

    …change the colour of the date-of-post circle…

    She has obviously figured things out to her liking since the dark blue square that she is using is actually an image she created.


    Thanks all, though I’m not sure where I’m at with this. (PS I’m a dude.) Basically someone very helpful before – I think it was you, thesacredpath – helped me create a square and then I made it blue as an image. However, now all I want to do is change that blue to another image. Do I need to write a new CSS code, or change the one I’ve got? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Nigel


    Nigel, sorry for the “she.” I didn’t look at your username.

    Create the image. You will want to make it a PNG with a transparent background (71px x 71px), upload the image to your media library, get the URL of that image and then replace the URL in the following background declaration (between the double quote marks) in your CSS.

    .post .date {
    background: url("") no-repeat scroll left top transparent;

    Thanks heaps, sacredpath. That worked a treat. Turned out to be pretty simple after all! Cheers, Nigel


    There’s a nifty way to change the colour of the date-of-post circle in the Bueno theme without an image:

    .post .date {
    	background: black;
    	border-radius: 50%;

    This example will not work for IE8 and lower because “border-radius” isn’t supported in older Internet Explorer versions. However, the date would still be readable and appear as a black square just in those older Internet Explorer browser versions if anyone viewing your site is still using browsers that old.

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