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Changing the colours on my blog

  1. My blog design is Cutline by Chris Pearson ( the lettering of the header, 'brownblog', the page links and the sidebar info are all black. How do I change them to a brown colour?



  2. The ability to alter colours of links is not a feature of this theme. If it's important to you then you can purchase a css customization upgrade and achieve this.

  3. Thanks timethief,

    A quick check shows me this will cost $15 to upgrade. Is it then difficult to change the colour (as a non programmer)?.


  4. Yes the annual cost of the upgrade for one blog is $15. Css customization is not recommended for those who lack experience with it and I'm among them so I can't answer your second question. It seems you'll have to wait until someone else with css experience comes along and replies. :)

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