Changing the content width (text and images) in Twentyfourteen theme

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    I am not a CSS expert, but have researched the forums and have made some customizations. I tried to change the width of the content column by adding this to the CSS
    .site-content .entry-header, .site-content .entry-content, .site-content .entry-summary, .site-content .entry-meta, .page-content { margin: 0 auto; max-width: 680px; }
    In the preview the content column was perfect (680px), but some of the centered full size images were slightly smaller, while some where the size of the text (680px). Any advice on what to add to correct this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Please use this link so you can copy and paste your text into a thread that will appear in the CSS Forum where you will get the help you need.

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