Changing the DNS for a crazydomains hosted email

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    hi guys,

    im brand new at this and i struggle to get my head around some basic things.

    i purchased a domain name for a company im trying to start and i want the email to go with it.

    i purchased my domain through crazydomains who have told me that i need to change the DNS in wordpres in order for the email to start working.

    they told me that i need to use>MX>10>>A>

    but everytime i do, it gives me an error.

    i dont know what im supposed to do and how im supposed to do it.

    can any of you please spare a minute to take me through it?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve just set the records for you at

    If these are correct your e-mail will work again shortly. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    thanks for that. i assume you are from wordpress otherwise how could you access the back of my account?



    Yes, I’m a support representative of :)

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.



    thanks again but its still not working. everytime i contact crazydomains to ask for help they tell me that it is up to wordpress to sort it out. when i try and set up my email it tells me that the server is not responding.

    is that something you can fix?



    I made another change to your DNS records, these should be good now. Could you please check if your e-mail is working again?

    Thank you!



    . everytime i contact crazydomains to ask for help they tell me that it is up to wordpress to sort it out.

    Not correct really. crazydomains has the responsibility to give you the correct DNS settings in a format you can understand. What you posted from them above is I think junk on their part. They are the only ones that know the required settings for their system to make email work on their system.

    I also have email from a third party provider, in my case by my old host. They gave me the DNS setting for me to change at WordPress.COM. There was a bit of a problem with the format of the information, seems not every web system uses the same format. I ask for help here and one of the staff just changed the format a bit and the email took off and started working.

    For crazydomains to say “sort it out yourself” is a sign of several thing, a tech or support person that does not care, probably does not know what they are doing etc. They sold you a service that they are refusing to support, a place that I would not want to give any money to, NO support, NO MONEY. I am a bit simple on that part.



    i totally agree with you. im getting really frustrated because i just want to use the service but i cant get my head around it. i appreciate all your help, hopefully i can get crazydomains to help me out with some more simple information.



    I was hoping you could help me change my DNS settings. I have a domain name through crazy domains and they told me to contact wordpress. I’m not sure what information you need from me… my blog is and I would like to change it to

    Thank you :)


    Hi again,

    I just wanted to mention I have tried and end up frustrated because it’s not working for me… :)

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