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Changing the domain name oct 30 from

  1. I want to change my url from to when my domain registration expires Oct 30. How can I accomplish that? Thanks. David
    Blog url:

  2. David, you can add the new domain whenever you'd like. You can then change the primary domain when you're ready for that. The previous domain will still send visitors to your blog. It doesn't look like you've registered the new domain yet, so you can register that directly with for $18 or register it the same place as your other domain, and use the Domain Mapping upgrade for $13. Check out

  3. Thanks for the quickly response. I've gone ahead and registered with GoDaddy, and have it set up so that when you type in, it brings a user to my blog. BUT when it redirects them to the site, the url displayed in the address bar is still

    How can I set it up now so that when you type in, it redirects to, and how can I set it so that if you type in, the url stays as Thanks. David

  4. Please disregard. Figured it out. Sincerely, thanks for the earlier answer. Great forum!

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