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    Would I be able to change/add a footer to my blog? I’m not paying to edit the CSS yet so it’s probably not possible, right? I would like to add a copyright to my work on there.

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t say without a link to your blog, starting with http.


    Oh here’s my link then:



    Thank you. You’d need the CSS upgrade and a knowledge of CSS. You can test out whether or not you can make the changes in the free Preview and then, once you’ve got it working, buy the upgrade. Don’t buy it if you don’t know CSS. You’re essentially on your own with it.



    Well that was just about the lamest attempt at spam I’ve ever seen.


    Instead of messing with CSS, you can easily put a copyright notice in a text widget. You can also add such a notice at the end of each post — but not automatically, you’d need to do that manually for each post.


    Ok thanks raincoaster and sensuouscurmudgeon for your ideas! I’ll try them ;)

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