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    I want to change the header text for my blog but I don’t see a menu option in the appearance section or the header section that will allow me to do it. Is this possible? It seems strange that the original title for the blog is set in stone.. any help out there?

    The blog I need help with is


    See here > Settings > General and note you can chnge the blog title and/or optional tagline at any time on that page.


    I can’t seem to find “General” in my “Settings”.
    I only got Account, Password, Public Profile and My Apps after I clicked Settings.

    Help :(


    If you hover over settings in the left navigation module in the dashboard, the flyout menu should appear. On that flyout, at the very top, will be general.


    I don’t seem to be have a flyout menu appear. Is there another place I can go to update my header?



    Is this the blog you are asking about?
    Do you have Admin status on the blog?

    An Admin can change the Blog Tile and Tagline in the header area here > Settings > General
    An Admin can change the header image and the display of header text here > Appearance > Header



    I went to settings… then general… and changed my heading text. Saved changes, but it didn’t seem to change on my site. Does it take a little while? I’ve already tried refreshing the page.



    You need to go here > Appearance > Header and choose this to display header text.
    Header Text
    __Show header text with your image.

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