Changing the image tags in existing posts

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    I’ve been trying to optimise my blog for SEO and accessibility and realised that although I have an image for every one of my 100+ posts I haven’t alt-tagged or given decent descriptions for them.

    I’ve been going through the media library adding in the appropriate tags, but they are still showing alt=”” in the source of the actual posts. I have attached the images to the relevant posts within the media library so I had hoped this would automatically update the tags in the posts themselves, but is this just wishful thinking?

    If I am going to have to edit each post individually then that’s OK (as it’s my fault for not tagging the pics in the first place), but what is the point of the associating images to posts in the media library if the tags aren’t passed through to the posts themselves?

    The blog I need help with is



    Changing it in the media library changes it for every post into which the image is then subsequently inserted. Looks like you’re going to have to delete and then re-add each image in each post if you want this to be complete. It will, definitely, have a dramatic effect on your SEO.


    You can open each post, click on the image and then click on the “edit image” button (mountain) and if the alt tag shows in that window, just click update image or save changes, whatever the button is labeled. Then click the update post button and it will update.



    I have a similar problem.

    When I retrospectively change or add an alt tag in the media library it does not show up as being changed in the “mountain” edit box.

    This looks like you have to put the tag in twice? and update the mountain box as well?

    intuitively, this seems a bit odd. and prone to human error. What if someone makes an error and the tags for the same photo are entered differently?

    Does anyone know if there is some support documentation for alt tags? Ive had a look but cant find anything.

    Many Thanks and Regards



    Cheers all. I think I was just being a bit optimistic hoping it would retroactively fix posts, but I’ll just go through them all manually.

    It’s just punishment for me for not doing it properly in the first place! Perhaps it will help with my site currently appearing on page 25 or so of keyword searches.

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