Changing the link title created by Press-It

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    Hi, I’m using the Press-It IE favourite to create my posts, but would like it to create the post with a header of the page title and the word “link” for the URL name. I’ve tried changing the “popuptitle=” section to “popuptitle=link'” but that changes the header as well as the URL name.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how best to do this?




    Not a clue. I sat there and thought about it yesterday and couldn’t come up with anything. I also didn’t see anything in’s support forum about it either.

    From looking at the javascript in question, it looks like that one bit of information is being used in both places. I think it would take a rewrite of the script itself to get it to be changed and that’s something we can’t do here. Probably could be done though on the hosted sites though with a rewrite of the javascript file.

    Sorry, couldn’t help,

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