changing the name of a current WP blog

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    I was going to change WP themes on my blog, but found out that you can’t use themes on

    In addition, I’m looking to change the name of either the atcandela blog (which has not been in use) or the blog to my name.
    I have to take into consideration that I will have to change the domain name. But if there is another way where I can change the blog name for now (until the domain expires) would be helpful.

    Any ideas? Aimee

    The blog I need help with is



    Settings->General you can change the blog name there. That’s separate from the domain upgrade. If you want the domain to be the same as the URL, you’ll have to buy another domain and map that one to your site.


    Thank you Raincoaster!
    I may just end up changing the name to the blog, and then change the domain later

    I currently have my domain linked to my blog, but may be changing this once I’ve
    completed the new website!

    Appreciate the reply. ;) Aimee

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