Changing the name of the standard home

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    Is there any way you can change the name of the standard home to like news or something?



    What ae you referring to, the url name of your home page?

    If so, no it cannot be changed, what you have is what you get. At least not without starting another blog.


    Marc, I am (and probably a LOT of others are)really grateful for the support offered by you and DrMike and “les autres” in this forum. We love our WP blogs and love getting the help.

    I sometimes wonder about my blog’s url, and I know there’s an actual domain name out there already. So then I thought: what if I make a brand new WP blog, and import all my pages into it, and then run back and delete the old one with the undesirable URL.

    Doesn’t seem very kosher. What do you think?

    Thanks as ever. Pablo



    I believe htonews is referring to the “Home” link found in most of the theme’s sidebars. IIRC correctly, the name of the link is actually hardcoded into the theme and can’t be changed unless one edits the theme which of course we are currently unable to do.

    Brooklynmusic, it is a royal pain in the *cough* to move a blog with the setup we currently have here. I spend most of yesterday setting up a backup of my main personal blog into my old test blog. We’ve been telling people to save an RSS feed and then send it through RSS2MT but that’s not working anymore. RSS2MT is only exporting a limited amount of the post along with a link to your old site.

    I finally rewrote WordPress Export to get a full MT feed and then imported that. Took three tries to get it into correct format. Lots of fun.

    I’m thinking of offering a service shortly to take your RSS feed and give you back a MT file. We shall see…


    Well, that sounds great (not all your effort the other day, I mean, but the prospect for a MT file as you described). But this isn’t really emergency-level. It was a thought. But thanks!



    I’ve been wondering about changing the “Home” word too. Home means “mold” (the kind that grows on your dirty dishes if you leave them too long) in Finnish, so it looks rather ridiculous if the rest of the blog is in Finnish. I suppose this is why Neat by Mr. Peltonen (Finn) has left it out. Not that this is a problem that affects vast numbers of people. :)



    Have you updated the Finnish language files with this information?



    Wow. That’s incredibly cool. Hadn’t noticed this! Looks like Finnish is pretty well represented already, though! Who knew.

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