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    Hello Friend,
    I am wanting to change the order of my pages on Second Chance to Live. I am using Andreas 9 which is an awesome theme, however I have not figured out how to change the page order on my web site. I have research this topic in the faq’s and the forums, however I have not found a definitive answer or clear instructions on how to change the pages in Andreas 9. As I have read in the forums, the ability to change page order may be dependent upon the theme. Is Andreas 9 one the themes that will not allow the order of pages to be changed?

    Per your information, I have read engtech’s reviews of the various themes, however I have not gotten clarity on this matter.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.




    To change the order of the pages, you have to do it manually. Edit the page and down at the bottom of the screen is an area called Page Order. Put numbers in there for the order that you want. Otherwise, it orders them alphabetically.


    Hi Vivian,
    Thank you so very much. I looked at the bottom of my page on the Edit Page and there is not an area called Page Order. What would you suggest to put them in the order that I would like for my web site. Is there a work around if there is not a Page Order feature?

    Thank you again for your time and kindness.




    Are you absolutely sure you don’t see Page Order? I just activated the theme on my test blog and down at the bottom on the left side is an area called Page Order.

    If this is not showing in your dashboard, you need to contact support. There is no work around.


    Hi Vivian,
    Did you load Andreas 9?



    Hi All,
    I contacted support and Anthony was kind enough to give me the below instructions, which I followed. Worked like a charm. I wanted to share the forum community.

    Thank you Anthony!


    After you have posted your page, click on edit page. After the edit page opens scroll down the page until you find Advanced Options.

    Under Advanced Options, you will see (in this order):

    Scroll down to Page Order and type the # of the order of the page that you want that particular page to have on your front page.

    Comments & Pings
    Password Protect This Page
    Page Parent
    Page Template
    Page Revisions

    Does this help?



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    Anthony told you to do the same thing I did.

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