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Changing the order of posts

  1. Is there any way to make it so that the oldest post is listed first, or will the newest post always been the first one seen?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Blogs are essentially chronolgical publishing tools. No there is not a way to easily reverse the reverse chrolonologial ordering, unless you choose to keep changing datestamps and creating broken 404 (page not found) links. You can stick a post to the front page of your blog. You can also consider developing a book-like structure.

  3. Your newest post will be first, followed in reverse chronological order by older posts.

    You can choose 1 or 2 posts to be sticky posts which will remain on top of all your posts, but if you use too many sticky posts, your blog will become messed up or broken:

    You can make a page or use a text widget with an index of your posts using archives shortcode:

    order Sort order asc, desc desc

    and choose asc to have oldest posts listed first in your index.

  4. @Tess
    Does this mean my comments are not visible?

  5. Looks like you were both typing at the same time, before either saw the other's reply.

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