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Changing the photo that appears on the reader.

  1. How do I change which photo from a post appears on the reader.
    Blog url:

  2. Apart from carefully choosing which image to have first, you can't. That's up to not you, and not us.

  3. Thanks!

  4. You're welcome.

  5. @roxyboots

    Your theme, Fresh & Clean supports custom excerpts on the Main posts page and Category/Archive pages. This means you can choose which photo appears, which text, and how the excerpt is formatted (colored background or text etc.). The text doesn't have to be the first few lines of a post.

    This custom excerpt will appear in your RSS feed as well as in emailed subscriptions. I believe that using the custom excerpt module with any theme will work for these feeds as well: you can choose a photo to go out in your feed.

    Note: I have not tried using custom excerpts in all themes, but the ones I've experimented with: yes, they function in feeds.
    Also Note: Embeds and shortcodes won't work in custom excerpts.
    More detailed information here:

  6. Sorry, the Reader (which I haven't used before) does show your customized text. But it takes the first picture on the blog, and even shows YouTubes if you put a video first…

  7. Thanks for that! I may try a different theme then. Really appreciate that, thank-you!

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