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Changing the photo that appears with your blog

  1. Just curious about something... when I publish a new post, and it goes to the list of "latest posts" on a specific tag page in freshly pressed, can you choose which photo from the post appears with the title of your post?
    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not on the tag pages, no. It should be your Blavatar, ie your blog avatar, unless they've changed something recently.

  3. To add another question to the post above: I've created a gravator and uploaded the same picture for my "Blog Picture/ Icon" in the General Settings section, which is the same as a Blavatar, I believe. This image, however, has not changed in the little icon beside the http:// address of my blog. Does this take a long while to change? I appreciate any suggestions you can give me.

  4. Yes, it can take a few hours to change. Don't do anything and check again tomorrow morning,

  5. Thank you, @raincoaster!

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